January pics and new update

It’s crazy to think how Eddy and I had planned to go watch a scary movie at the cinema that night because it was Friday the 13th, but instead we were flying to Brisbane because of his accident. Just shows how you never know what can happen and when it will happen. This post will show photos of our time in January right after his accident and also have a little update since the last time I posted.

Right after the accident around 7:45/8am when the Promedical paramedics brought him to the doctors.

On the flight to Brisbane


The first week in hospital

2/3 of his injuries: (his AC joint injury, his compound fractures in his foot and his plate he has in now to fix his AC joint injury)

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Even though he was in hospital and in pain we still had quite a bit of fun there, you always have to make the best out of every situation 🙂

Eating maccas while watching Grey’s Anatomy, me trying on his boot, his snack draw completely full with his favourite snacks, him playing dead when getting heart tests haha??, watching greys once again (once he got out of hospital he no longer wanted to continue watching greys because he “had enough of hospitals” hahaha) and me putting moisturiser on his face.

Update: He had an appointment on Thursday 25/05 where he got his staples taken out. Eddy, Jade (my cousin) and I tried guessing how many he had in. We all guessed in the 40s, but he actually had 90 staples all together!!! He did so well when they took them out and was so happy to finally be able to have a normal shower. Photos below.

I would also like to thank everyone who messaged me and shared my blog, it meant a lot to us. I’m so extremely happy and in a way relieved, that so many people are praying for him, hopefully his arm will slowly start working again thanks to all the prayers. Thank you so much for all the love.

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