Fourth Op

It has been a while since I last posted but not much has changed. The past couple of months Eddy and I have been in Sydney as I have started uni. Eddy has continued to do some physio therapy but still has no movement in his arm. A week ago we started noticing a twitch in his bicep which is a really good sign! And now we just have to wait for more improvement, but as doctors have repeatedly told us it’s going to take a loooong time. 

Tomorrow (27/10/17) Eddy will have his fourth surgery this year at the Brisbane Hospital. A tendon transfer for his fingers to be able to extend and for him to be able to lift up his wrist. I sadly can not be with him for that as I have my first exam in Sydney the day after. I hate that I can’t be there because I have been to every single appointment this year and when he really needs me I can’t go. But thankfully he isn’t too worried about it since he knows how it all works and he knows the whole process as he has done it many times this year. 

He has been doing so well lately and been sooo positive and so strong it’s amazing to see. Just praying that the operation goes well tomorrow and that he has a fast recovery. 

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